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Working in partnership with parents is hugely beneficial to our pupils' wellbeing.  We actively promote parental engagement and have frequent sessions for parents to attend the Unit.

This includes:

Proud Parent celebrations - children and their parents can view work and other achievements together

Family Learning sessions - parents attend the Unit with their child for a joint activity

Parent Drop-in - parents come to an informal group drop-in with staff

Parent training sessions - a variety of training sessions are offered both by staff and our Educational Psychologist

SEND Reviews - regular reviews are held with parents

Daily Linkbook - daily communication is promoted between parents and staff

Home High 5 - parents share success at home weekly

Parent Check-in - fortnightly contact is made with all parents to share information from the Unit and home


Relationships with our pupils are fundamental to everything we do.  Every child has a consistent key team of staff that work with them and support them in building safe and trusting relationships.


During the initial parent/carer induction meeting, as introductory booklet about The Beacon is provided to share with the child at home.  the child is then invited for a Unit visit prior to starting.  All the induction information is in our 'Induction' page of our website.


All our transition plans are tailored to each child's needs.  We have carefully considered approaches to support effective transitions that are aimed to reduce the anxiety when moving to a new school.  All pupils are provided with a visual transition planner.  Pupils are then supported in creating booklets to introduce themselves to their new staff.  We seek to provide key staff visits in our Unit so that pupils have time to start building key relationships before they actually start any sessions in their new school.  Once key relationships are established pupils have some planned sessions in their new school.  Ending activities are planned at The Beacon with the pupil's key staff. 


We work very closely with a range of external support services to support our pupils' wellbeing.  We have weekly sessions provided for some pupils with a music psychotherapist and we also provide weekly mentoring with a Youth Worker.  Our Educational Psychologist has regular visits to support pupils.

Many other services are used, as needed, such as, the Community Safety Partnership, CAMHS, Occupational Therapy and SALT.


Our pupils are actively involved in providing their views and feedback to further enhance our provision. 

We have a Pupil Council that meet half-termly.  Pupil reviews are embedded in our provision, this includes:

Daily Reviews

Weekly Reviews

PE Reviews

SEND Reviews

End of Placement Reviews


Pupil wellbeing is of paramount importance and at athe heart of all we do at The Beacon.  To recognise our provision for Pupil Wellbeing we have achieved the AcSEED Award and the IQM Centre of Excellence.


Our curriculum has a strong emphasis on pupil wellbeing.  Our PSHE and RSE curriculum is a priority are of focus for all pupils.  We have a tailored Keeping Safe curriculum within the PSHE and RSE provision to ensure all pupils learn how to keep safe in all aspects of their life.  Our PE and Physical Activity provision promotes physical health and wellbeing.  This will be a part of the daily provision at Supreme Education AP.


A key part of wellbeing is the ability to express needs in a healthy way.  At Supreme Education AP we consider ways of supporting all our pupils to communicate their needs, thoughts and feelings.  Pupils have a daily journal time and mentor time at the start and end of the day enabling time with a key adult and also a journal to record any thoughts/feelings in.  All pupils have a 'Thought book' that they can write/draw a message to their key staff to share thoughts/feelings that they feel unable to say directly.


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